Yacht Awnings

We design and manufacture high-end yacht awnings that themselves create a showpiece.

Leveraging cutting-edge CAD imaging, we specialise in tailoring fully custom awnings meticulously designed to suit your vessel. Whether creating secluded areas for privacy, or a cooler space for children to play, our awning systems combine instant visual impact with exceptional strength and durability.

Order a standalone sun shade that utilises existing tie points, or work with us on a custom system using our composite poles.

Handmade here in the UK, our complete awning systems can be designed in any shape or size using lightweight, waterproof and ultra-UV-resistant materials.

Sun Shades
Awning Poles

Superyacht sun canopy

Why our Yacht Awnings

Handmade to order

Handmade to order, our sun awnings come in a range of fabrics and are light and easy to store.

Utilise existing sockets

We can design your awning to utilise your existing deck sockets for a zero-upheaval installation.

Perfect calibration

We manufacture a complete system to ensure your sun shade and awning poles work in perfect unison.

Protective storage bags

Each of our custom awning systems come in a high quality, protective storage bag. Easily stow without risk of damage.

Transform your deck

Beautifully finished, our deck awnings instantly create a stylish and sophisticated entertaining space.

Specialist fabrics

We collaborate with a specialist fabric company based just down the road from to our own manufacturing facilities.