Yacht Fenders

Composite Fenders

Prevent damage to both tender and mothership with our market-leading fender systems — ranging from high-impact, foam-filled fenders to our market-first Carbon Pillar Fenders.

At the fore of fender design and manufacture, our systems are engineered in close collaboration with crew on yachts around the world, helping us develop a set of systems to suit every scenario.

Whilst the humble inflatable fender has a place onboard every yacht, our advanced fenders deliver the highest degree of craftsmanship, impact protection and sophistication on the market. 

Pillar Fenders
Transom Fenders
Folding Fenders

Transom fenders

Why our Superyacht Fenders

Made to measure

With no two superyachts the same, our Transom Fenders and Carbon Pillar Fenders are made to order to ensure the perfect fit.

Easy to install

Our fenders are lightweight, crew-friendly and easy to install. Our technicians will visit the yacht for more complex configurations to take care of installation.

Safe and secure

With safety our priority, the finish of our Transom Fenders can closely match existing teak or other non-slip materials.


We have options that allow for quick and easy detachment, making our fenders semi-permanent where required.

We are the market leaders

We have designed and manufactured deck equipment for hundreds of superyachts around the world. We are pioneers of products used throughout the industry.

Made in the UK

We are not a reseller; we manufacture our own yacht fenders in our dedicated facility here in the UK.