Custom Projects

Shipyard Supply Co. has a proven track record of manufacturing bespoke products for some of the largest yachts in the industry. With a specialist in-house department focusing on each stage of the process, we can ensure each of your custom projects will be like no other.


Our experienced design team will produce technical drawings, CAD models and renders to allow the yard, owner and crew to really delve into the depths of the custom project to ensure it meets all the necessary requirements prior to the manufacturing stage.


At each stage during the manufacturing and outfitting process, we will contact you to confirm that we are on track with your specifications and ensure that any changes to the original specification are rectified before the next stage begins. That way, you have a direct input on each stage of the project guaranteeing a completely bespoke product.

Quality control

Once each custom project has finished the manufacturing stage, it will enter our rigorous quality control facility where our team will thoroughly inspect all aspects from paintwork to finishing. That way we can be certain that the product leaves our facility in exceptional condition.

With a wealth of experience manufacturing products in composites, stainless steel, aluminium or wood, please contact us to get the ball rolling.

Some of our past custom projects are as follows:

  • Iroko dive compressor storage box
  • Carbon/teak diving board
  • Submersible lifting hooks
  • Aluminium snowmobile trolleys
  • Carbon foam core RS Aero chock
  • Carbon fibre Nautique tower
  • Jet ski lift
  • Stainless steel free weights rack.

Click on the images in our gallery to see examples of our custom work.