Mooring Whips Installation

Install the whip bases

Each mooring whip base or mount should be aligned with the tender’s cleat.

The further apart the attachment points, the better.

The whips should be perpendicular (90°) to the tender.

Connect the two halves

Connect the two whip halves, making sure to align the end of the whip with the cleat.

The two halves can be permanently fixed together using an epoxy adhesive if required, although not doing so will enable easy stowage.

Insert the whips into the bases

Do not be afraid to bend the poles. However, it is important that when under full tension, the tip is never lower than the base.

Overbending the pole will actually reduce the tension/performance of the whip and increase the risk of damage.

Secure the lines

When securing the tender, bow and stern, two spring lines must be used.

Adjust the lines so they are taught.

Prevent the whips from bending sideways.

Every effort should be made to keep the whips perpendicular to the cleats on the tender.

The breast lines should be at a length that holds the tender a minimum of 1.8 metres from the dock or gunwale.


Twelve months warranty is offered, provided that the above guide is followed.

Our tender whips are not designed to be used in conditions above Force 4.

Therefore, the warranty will not cover any damage incurred during such conditions.