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Carbon Fibre Lifting Beams

Shipyard Supply Co specialises in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre lifting beams, bespoke for your tenders.

Carbon fibre tubes make the lifting process easier and safer for the crew compared with using heavy, steel equivalents. Each lifting beam has a safety factor of 4 (non-man riding) and comes with the following:

Structural analyses & substantiation report
Full FEA of beam design in load cases with FoS
Hand calculations for all stainless load bearing pins and strops
Full carbon fibre laminate analyses and calculations for layup
Full report provided showing all calculations FEA and substantiation of components and strops.

Material records

Environment records and batch numbers for materials all traceable
Post cure of composite records

Load testing

Independent load testing on beams to LOLER standards
Independent load testing on each strop plus extra strop made and tested to break to prove the break load.


Carbon Tube is manufactured to the specification provided by our world class naval architects from pre-preg carbon fibre and oven cured at 100c
Custom made stainless ferrules allow for lifting strops to pass through reducing the amount of heavy metal parts needed on the beam.


All beams are certified, and load tested to 2 x the SWL.