Deck Matting.

Whatever your deck matting needs, Shipyard Supply Co have the solution. With two different types of matting available in a range of colours, you will not need to look any further.



Lightweight, slip-resistant matting designed for areas where water is present and spills are frequent.

The mat’s open grid and embossed surface provides the highest slip resistance and drainage, making it an ideal walkway for slippery environments. The anti-fungal properties protects bare feet in changing areas and swimming pool surrounds. Made from a single tier of flexible PVC, Floorline is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry, move and lift for cleaning.



Self-draining barefoot matting designed for wet areas with high footfall.

Made from strong, non-porous PVC with channelled underbars, Heronrib automatically self-drains, even when faced with the largest amounts of water. Its embossed surface provides a strong grip underfoot, while the anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives ensures excellent hygiene.