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Jet Ski Lift

Shipyard Supply Co offers the ultimate solution to limited garage space with the jet ski lift. The lift can safely raise a jet ski off the ground so that other items, including another jet ski, can be conveniently stored underneath. This means that two jet skis can be stored onboard for half the space that’s usually required.

Our jet ski lifts have a power supply rating of 230V AC at 50Hz consuming 500 watts approx. However, a DC version may be provided if needed (powered via battery).

Our jet ski lift offers:

– Capacity up to 550 kg
– The Lift is wall/Bulkhead mounted
– Construction material of mirror-polished stainless steel and painted GRP (can be painted a colour of your choice).

All components are IP rated and the lift can be washed down like all other kit in the tender garage.

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