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Pillar Fenders

Our unique range of pillar fenders ensure we have the solution for you. Each model has been designed and engineered to withstand direct impacts from tender’s and chase boats, yet they are light enough to be carried by one crew member.

Our pillar fenders are made to order and manufactured by us in carbon fibre with either an inflatable or foam fender. One, two or three stainless steel deck fitting configurations are available providing a quick and secure method for installation and all our pillar fenders are supplied with male and female fittings.


Parvus fender

Designed with integrated stainless steel boarding handles for sailing yachts with limited storage facilities onboard.



Designed and manufactured to suit all yachts with a modern flowing design.


Linear Fender

Designed for all yachts from shadow vessels to explorer vessels. Integrated stainless steel boarding handles ensure safe boarding for guests.

Tailored fender

We can design and fabricated any pillar fender to fit any tender, transom or shell door profile.

Pillar fender options include:

  • Clear coating or custom painting
  • Stainless steel boarding handles
  • Inflatable fender
  • Solid core foam fender finished in seamless black polyurea foam
  • Storage bags