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Rope and Rigging

Whether it is outfitting a new build with mooring lines or replacing an old anchor snubber, the team at Shipyard Supply Co is on hand with expert advice for any rope and rigging requirements. In addition to working with major rope and rigging brands in the industry, we also have used our wealth of experience to create our own range of superior ropes which have some of the highest break loads in the industry and are manufactured in Europe and at a very competitive price to ensure we can offer the client the best value and quality on the market.

Superyacht Docklines

Constructed with a 24-plait polyester outer jacket offering improved performance and durability, with a 12-strand high tenacity polyester core to give the shock absorbing characteristics needing in a mooring line. The rope can be factory spliced with a soft eye at whichever size you need and covered with either black bull’s leather or cordura chafe guard embroidered with the yacht’s name. These are a great option for all yachts especially up to 70m.

Our standard Dyneema Hmpe lines are made from the strongest man-made fibre in the world and have revolutionised the rope industry as often enabling rope diameters to be more than halved. These are ideal for larger yachts as line handling and storage issues are greatly reduced. The lines have a polyester over braided jacket to protect the line and to make it less slippery around cleats etc – this can be improved even more by utilising alternative fibres to improve grip, heat resistance or buoyancy as required.

Rope and rigging we supply:

  • Double braid superyacht mooring lines with custom labelling
  • Leather chafe protection for mooring lines and eyes
  • Sacrificial Dyneema mooring loops
  • Floating long lines ashore for Med stern to mooring
  • Heaving lines
  • Tender tow lines
  • Fender lines
  • Lifting strops
  • Anchor snubbers
  • Running rigging

Major rope brands we stock include:

  • Folch Ropes
  • Gleistein
  • Marlow