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Tender Mooring Whips

The optimum mooring solution for tenders, chase boats and jet skis. Shipyard Supply Co tender mooring whips have been designed and tested to the limit and are built to stand up to the rigours of daily use onboard.

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GRP Tender Mooring Whips

The 4.2m tender whips utilise a stainless-steel roller tip and cleat with a high gloss pure white finish and are the shortest model in our range of GRP tender whips.

The 4.8m MKII tender whips offer a new experience by using an internal line with stainless steel ferrules at the line entry and exit points reducing line chafe significantly. A Spinlock PXR cleat replaces the stainless-steel cleat and a mesh line bag is provided to maintain the minimalist design. The 4.8m MKII tender whip is the longest in our range of GRP tender whips.

Carbon Tender Mooring Whips

Revolutionary 6.0m carbon tender whips manufactured from carbon fibre in a multi-directional layup increasing stiffness but reducing weight.

Like the 4.8m MKII tender whip, the 6.0m carbon tender whip also whip features an internally run whip line. Stainless steel ferrules at the line entry and exit points significantly reduce line chafe and protect the clear coat finish. A Spinlock PXR securely holds the whip line whilst a mesh line storage bag is there for any excess line.

The 6.0m carbon tender whips are engineered for the larger, heavier tenders and chase boats. With the extra length compared to the 4.8m MKII tender whips, even the beamiest of tenders will be kept at a safe distance from the mothership.

Tender Mooring Whip Kits

All tender mooring whips are available as a kit with all the components required for an immediate setup.

What is in the kit?

  • Tender whips x2
  • 7mm whip lines (available in white or black) x2
  • Stainless steel flush bases with hardware x2
  • Installation guide

 Storage and Transportation

All of the tender mooring whips come in a 2-part construction for easy storage and transportation. The 4.8m MKII and 6.0m carbon whips come pre-rigged with whip lines.


  • Custom painting
  • Storage bags
  • Whip bases and mounts
  • Spare whip lines (black or white)
  • Custom sizing