Fibreglass Boat Whips

Suitable for use with smaller tenders (notably up to 5m or 7000kg), our fibreglass boat whips (also known as GRP whips), come in lengths of four and five metres.

Note: For larger tenders, choose our Carbon Fibre Tender Whips.

All of our boat whips feature our trademark internal line that incorporates stainless steel ferrules at the entry and exit points helping to reduce line chafe. Lines are tensioned with a high-quality Spinlock PXR cleat, while an overflow line bag is provided.

Downloadable Guides

Round Whip Mount
4m Fibreglass Whip Size Guide
5m Fibreglass Whip Size Guide


Create a safe zone between your tender and yacht with our fibreglass boat whips. Designed and manufactured in-house, our whips are designed to prevent damage whilst allowing for easy access.

Synonymous with boatbuilding, fibreglass offers a balance between strength and flexibility. Ideal for producing boat whips, fibreglass is used throughout the marine industry. Largely favoured for excellent durability, insulation and low thermal conductivity properties, fibreglass is also corrosion-resistant.

Developed with a unique internal line design, together with high-end mechanisms and finishes, our GRP tenders whips are the go-to choice for yachts around the world.

A clear coat is provided as standard, but whips can be painted to match your yacht’s colour scheme.