Carbon Fibre Tender Whips

Our revolutionary 6m carbon tender whips are manufactured from carbon fibre in a multi-directional layup, increasing stiffness but reducing weight.

Deployed on superyachts around the world, our trademark carbon mooring whips are designed specifically for large tenders.

Exclusively available in 6m lengths, our carbon whips are the optimum mooring solution for tenders in excess of 7000kg.

For smaller tenders, consider our Fibreglass Whips.

Downloadable Guides

Round Whip Mount
6m Carbon Whip Size Guide


All of our tender whips feature an internally run line. Stainless steel ferrules at the entry and exit points help to reduce line chafe and protect the clear coat finish. A Spinlock PXR securely holds the line whilst a mesh storage bag tidies up any excess.

The 6m carbon tender whips are engineered for larger, heavier tenders and chase boats. With the extra length compared to the 5m tender whips, even the beamiest of tenders will be kept at a safe distance from the mothership.