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Tender Chocks

Shipyard Supply Co has the facilities available to design and manufacture custom chocks to match any size or shape of tender.

Available as folding, removable or flush in either carbon, composite, aluminium or stainless steel.

Working closely with the client, Shipyard Supply Co provides the right solution based on the yacht’s criteria, hull geometry and space constraints, with all chocks built to withstand the required loads. Whilst built to protect your tender and support the required loads our chocks are also built to look great onboard!

Tender chock options:

  • Any hull size
  • Removable chocks
  • Folding chocks
  • Different padding materials including hard wood, cork or closed cell foam wrapped in Hypalon.


The revolutionary design of the SSCO hover chocks allows the tender to be moved with ease within the garage or lazarette without the necessity for complex locking wheels and tie- down points.

With integrated removable tie bars, you can be sure that once set up, the chocks will always be in line for the deck sockets.

Hover chocks are available in aluminium, stainless steel and carbon fibre with either cork or Hypalon hull pads and custom painting.