Carbon Pillar Fenders

Our vertical Carbon Pillar Fenders add protection to yachts, tenders and passengers at a height not provided by Transom Fenders alone.

Engineered from high-density foam, the vertical fender provides impact protection to the transom, whilst extending stability to tenders. Integrated stainless steel handles provide the perfect handhold for passengers as they move to and from the tender.

Thanks to a lightweight, low-profile, carbon fibre construction, a single crew member can handle our Pillar Fenders, making their set-up and pack down a straightforward task.

With the option of a clear coat carbon or custom paint finish to match the yacht’s colour scheme, these fenders look completely integral whilst being easily stowed.


  • Our Carbon Pillar Fenders are custom designed and manufactured to suit the individual requirements of any yacht with tenders up to 12 tons. Re-enforced options are available on request for larger tenders
  • Below deck adjustments can be made for the waterline level in the installed location
  • Full carbon fibre construction is available as painted or clear coat options
  • High-density impact foam, sealed with a spray-on plastic rubberising sealer creating a seamless, flexible hard-wearing surface finish
  • Captive locking pins
  • Socket assembly includes self-returning integral cover caps to provide a flush finish with no need for additional separate covers
  • Optional handrail with a mirror-polished stainless steel grip
  • Storage bag included