Tender Chocks

Made to order, we can deliver chocks to match any size or shape of tender.

Available as retractable, removable or flush in either composite, carbon, aluminium or stainless steel, our tender chocks are designed to suit your yacht’s precise criteria, hull geometry and space constraints.

Featuring solid foam or cork pads, your tender’s hull shape and girders dictate the exact profile of your chocks.

We also manufacture Tender Hover Chocks.


We chiefly manufacture three types of tender chocks:

Lightweight Composite Chocks

Manufactured to our tried and tested standard design, our lightweight composite chocks feature a foam or cork pad machined to suit your hull profile. Generally used as a permanent solution, our lightweight composite chocks are bolted to the deck and tend to suit spaces with minimal headroom constraints.

Aluminium Chocks

Our super-strong powder-coated aluminium chocks are a crew-friendly alternative to inordinately heavy stainless steel chocks. Available in any RAL colour, with either foam or cork pads.

Retractable Chocks

The perfect solution for tender garages with minimal headroom, our Retractable Chocks fold down to allow easy access in low-lifting areas.

Featuring a one-sided operation, our retractable chocks can be raised and lowered using just a hand drill without the need to get under the tender at any time. Alternatively, an electric motor can be installed with a button-operated mechanism.

The options are wide-ranging, so begin by requesting a quote.