Tender Hover Chocks

Float your boat on a bed of thin air with our revolutionary Tender Hover Chocks.

With the air pressure engaged, the chocks hover at just 5mm above the deck, allowing the tender to be pushed around by hand without needing a crane. To cease hovering, an air supply shut-off valve is operated, safely lowering the chocks onto the deck.

All components are self-contained within the chocks, providing a turnkey solution for moving and storing tenders onboard; all that’s required is an air supply and hose.

The hull pads can be fabricated from CNC-milled cork or our unique Hypalon-wrapped foam. Both provide soft cushioning to the tender’s hull, and both are non-marking.

Integrated removable tie bars give you absolute peace of mind that the chocks will always be in line with the deck sockets.

Watch our Hover Chock demonstration (0:27).


Employing the same technology as a hovercraft, our pioneering Hover Chocks make moving a tender around a garage or deck an actual breeze.

Please note:

• Each module requires 7 to 10 scfm x 4 = 28 to 40 scfm
• Compressor onboard has an output of 48 scfm
• We will need a ¾ NPT line output from the air receiver tank
• A larger tank will allow longer run times and will lower output from the compressor for short durations