Transom Fenders

The versatile transom is the closest outside space to the water’s surface and as a result, has an extremely high footfall for a comparatively small footprint.

Under near-constant use for docking tenders, launching water toys and mooring stern-to, a transom can regularly suffer impact damage.

Thankfully, our made-to-measure transom fenders, which offer the highest level of impact protection on the market, help ensure this busy throughfare not only remains unscathed but looks and feels luxurious underfoot.


Features and build include:

  • Fender body: Ethafoam PE-H30/100
  • Reinforced top plate: Composite GRP panel 10-12 mm
  • Final layer: Spray-on rubberised coating
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Seamless finish, no joins or frays
  • Enhanced durability, easy to maintain and repair
  • Non-skid: Walk slip-resistant rubber or optional ESTHEC teak top colour and caulking of clients choice
  • Locking mechanisms: Expanding locking fittings to utilise existing handrail sockets included, or we can offer bespoke new sockets