Shipyard Supply Co. announces collaboration with Pinmar Yacht Supply

Having solidified its distribution network within the UK with some industry known brands like Fendequip, Shipyard Supply Co. has expanded its network to Spain in a collaboration with Pinmar Yacht Supply. This move has been key to SSCo gaining traction throughout mainland Europe, especially in locations where clients would like to see the products in person prior to purchasing.

With Pinmar Yacht Supply’s firm footing within the superyacht industry, it was a natural move for SSCo to partner with the industry leading brand.

SSCo’s sales manager Adam Hunkin explained, “As the industry moves towards a more digital way of purchasing, there is a requirement to have our products on the ground in a superyacht chandlery. We are the market leaders in our field, so it is exciting to be expanding consumer touchpoints to our products right across Europe.”

Pinmar Yacht Supply’s head of yacht sales Liz Wood commented, “With the launch of the Bosun’s corner in our recently reformed Barcelona superyacht store, we now have the perfect space to welcome yacht crew and demonstrate the most up-to-date tender mooring whips and jet ski trolleys that our clients have been asking for.”

Both businesses are always striving to meet the ever-changing needs of the superyacht market. With this new collaboration, the industry will continue to receive the very best products either through Pinmar Yacht Supply or Shipyard Supply Co.

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