9th April 2021

With business increasing and the UK breaking away from the European Union, the first few months of 2021 has been an incredibly busy time for Shipyard Supply Co. As a result, we have expanded our presence within the EU by opening a new office in the heart of Monaco with a dedicated team. Not only does this benefit SSCo by having staff on hand within Europe to visit and meet clients face to face, it also greatly helps us when it comes to shipping and logistics, keeping items moving freely within the EU and, as a result, reducing our delivery and lead times in some instances.

In addition, we have also registered for VAT in the EU. This means that we can move goods within Europe without charging VAT. We at SSCo are working hard to make things as easy and as quick as possible for our clients. Contact us at info@shipyardsupply.co or call +44(0) 1473 598091 for more information.