Transom Fenders.

Created to provide long-lasting protection for superyacht transoms and swim platforms from the wear and tear caused by tenders and water toys.

Foam-filled and wrapped in Hypalon our transom fenders are engineered to absorb high impacts. Each set of transom fenders is custom configured to size, designed to match each yacht’s contour and comes in sections for simple, quick installation when needed. The sections are crew-friendly: light weight for easy handling and efficient stowage after use.

Designed to absorb pressure, the units are solidly constructed using closed-cell foam, composite materials and durable Hypalon, which is specifically engineered for the marine environment. Available in a wide range of colours with non-slip soft-step coverings, or a beautiful faux teak that flexes as needed. Existing handrail sockets can be utilised to securely fix the fenders in place or alternatively we can supply deck sockets and plugs.

Any shape, any size, any colour.